school and the gifted child


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So, what does a gifted child look like in school? And how is it possible to tell a high achieving child from a gifted one? This slide show provides some insight into the positive and negative characteristics of gifted children in the classroom, and information on what to look out for in order to identify them:

Characteristics of gifted students from Trinette Atri

A great article on the cognitive traits of giftedness and why these may be problematic for teachers and the classroom.

Interesting article looking at how highly gifted children can be at risk in the early years of schooling if they are not identified and do not not receive appropriate provision. And here Stephanie Tolan writes an ‘open letter from an exceptionally gifted child’. What teachers, parents and caregivers need to know about children on the upper end of the gifted spectrum and school.

This is a great article that asks the question of how well we cater to our gifted children at school, and offers some guidance on education strategies that work well for gifted students.