When one child is identified as gifted research shows that it is likely that other siblings will be gifted too. Sometimes this can surprise parents as their children are so different! It is possible that within a family that one child may ‘look’ gifted whilst the other does not. There can be various reasons for this, including a younger gifted child not wishing to tread the same academic path as an older sibling, a child masking their ability so as to fit in, having a completely different learning style, or being twice exceptional. However if you have one child who is gifted it is definitely worthwhile considering that your other child or children may be too – even if you don’t believe that it is the case! Here is a link to some recent research carried out by Australian psychologists, Fiona Smith and Minh Nguyen-Hoan which compares IQ results of siblings. And Linda Silverman’s article ‘What we have Learned about Gifted Children’ also cites that if one child is gifted research shows that it is highly likely that siblings, and parents, will be too.

If you have more than one child, it is more than likely that sibling rivalry will be an issue that occassionally makes you want to tear your hair out! Even if both of your children are gifted they will have their own unique and individual quirks and may present very differently in terms of learning styles and parenting needs. Here Sylvia Rimm offers some helpful advice on how to deal with competitiveness between gifted siblings, as well as some  tips regarding sibling rivalry.