links for kids

Here you’ll find a list of links to resources that gifted kids may enjoy. If you know of a fab resource that isn’t listed but know that other children may benefit from it please do whizz us a message; we’d love to share it!

General Resources

A list of free books on all kinds of subjects. Has to be worth a look!

A great list of apps for gifted kids.

This page offers links to some pretty cool websites that may be enjoyed by gifted children.

BrainPop offers some great resources for gifted kids. There is also a free trial available.

Skwirk is an interactive online resourece that offers the Australian curriculum for each state in a bright and engaging format. Again, there is a free trial. A fabulous resource :) .

Literary Resources and Fiction

Bibliotherapy is a great tool for helping to facilitate the social and emotional needs of gifted kids. This list of books may provide some examples on how using bibliotherapy may help your child.

More about bibliotherapy and another list of great books with gifted characters. Additionally, here you’ll find a list of books that are specifically recommended for 2E children

This site features the opportunity for children to write a free interactive and animated story. This is great for gifted children who have a great imagination and love telling stories, but who aren’t quite so keen on the physical act of handwriting!

GoEd offers useful information and links to educational resources and materials. This link will provide you with a list of 13 websites that provide free ebooks.

A web page that offers some fab books for gifted kids. You may even want to read some of these too :) .


Cool Physics related site, with animated videos for younger children and more extensive resources for older kids.

NASA offers a kids’ club for budding astronauts and space buffs, whilst Ask an Astronomer has a helpdesk and a series of frequently asked questions for your little astronomer :) . If you click through to this site you’ll find a whole host of exciting links for budding star gazers!

Check out this site for kids who have an interest in all things brain related: neuroscience for kids!

Chem4Kids offers a pretty comprehensive website for everything chemistry related, and look here for some free cool chemistry experiment ideas! Finally, check out the Molecularium for award winning fun and games :) .

Do you have a child who is mad about machines and NEEDS to know how everything works? Then this website provides a series of links to all kinds of wonderful sites that explores how simple machines work and how their concepts fit in with our everyday lives.


If you have a maths lover then you may want to look at this site, and also check out this list of apps.


Are your children fascinated with history? A History of the World in 100 Objects is a one hundred episode podcast series from the BBC. Each podcast in the series examines an object from The British Museum. The podcasts explain each object’s significance in history. Each episode in the series is about fifteen minutes in length. Some of the objects featured in the series include an Egyptian clay model of cattle, an Arabian bronze hand, and The David Vases. A History of the World in 100 Objects could be a good companion to the BBC’s History of the World interactive object timeline. Students can listen to the podcasts and look for the objects on the timeline. The podcasts could be good supplementary materials for a multimedia history ebook.

Or maybe you have a little artist? This list of ten free sites is definitely worth a look.