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Please note that any links provided here do not mean that Mermaids and Mermen are endorsing the services of any company or individual. These sites and contact details belong to business and healthcare providers whose services and products parents of gifted children have recommended :) .

Organisations and Associations:

AAEGT, The Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented, is the national body that came into existence to represent the needs and endeavours of gifted children and their advocates. It was established in May 1985.

Gifted WA is Western Australia’s state association for the gifted and supports the needs of gifted children and adolescents. They run events for teachers and parents.

If you are interested in finding out more information about gifted children in Australia then consider joining Mensa Australia.

GATCA is a not for profit that organises events for gifted children and their parents.

Resource Sites

Every parent of gifted children should check out Hoagies Gifted

If you have a highly – profoundly gifted child then Davidson Institute will be worth its weight in gold!

Stephanie Tolan’s website offers many articles on giftedness that will be of benefit to anyone with gifted chidren, and also to gifted adults.

Sites of Healthcare Providers and Organisations Specific to Perth and Western Australia:

IQ Testing:

These providers provide IQ testing for gifted children in Perth, Western Australia.

Alchemy Therapy is based in Perth and provides assessment and counselling for gifted children and their parents. Services include IQ and achievement testing, and education relating to the psychosocial and academic needs of gifted children, including twice-exceptionality and underachievement.

Gifted Minds are based in NSW and visit Perth two or three times a year to IQ test gifted Children.

Felicity Naylor is a clinical psychologist based in Scarborough, Western Australia who has experience IQ testing gifted children.


Occupational Therapy:

Corene Wainstein is located in Dianella, north of Perth, Western Australia.

Chris Dove is based in Nedlands, nr Perth,Western Australia.

Luci Webb is based in Osborne Park, Perth, Western Australia.


Education Consultants and Related Services:

Derrin Cramer who runs Thinking Ahead,  is an education consultant based in Perth, Western Australia. Unfortunately Derrin has now retired but much useful information can still be found on her website.


Developmental Optometrists:

Eye5 Optometrists are located in Osborne Park, Perth. This optometrist additionally offers a specialist learning difficulties assessment that can help detect issues such as visual dyslexia or visual dyspraxia, as well as Irlen testing.

BullCreek Optometrist is based south of Perth, Western Australia.

Vision West is located north of Perth, in Karrinyup, Western Australia.


Audiological Assessments (Including CAPD):

Lions Hearing Clinics are based in various locations in and around Perth and Western Australia, including Subiaco, Joondalup and Mandurah.

Western Hearing Services have eight clinics in Perth and the surrounding area, including Karrinyup, Fremantle, central Perth and Rockingham.

Perth ENT Centre is based in Subiaco, Western Australia and offers a range of paediatric services for children.