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Teaching Strategies and Resources

Teachers Pay Teachers is a great site that offers an online marketplace for teachers and eductators to share resources, some of these are free. Definitely worth a look :) .

GoEd offers online educational resources for educators at a range of prices.

This page provides links to 40 open education resources. If you have a curious child this is definitely worth a look – and you might even find something that keeps them occupied so you can have half an hour to yourself!

Want to learn more about ‘flipping the classroom’ and how it can be beneficial for students? This site provides some great information.

Here you’ll find a list of the best free digital storytelling tools for teachers.

If you’d like some free maths software then it’s worth hopping over to this site for some downloads which may help with maths instruction, and the Bedtime Maths Blog offers a novel take on the bedtime story – incorporating maths problem solving into the bedtime routine!

The links you find on this page will more than likely require an adult to facilitate them. Click on over to the links for kids page for more resources to keep children busy and that they can access themselves!


Meditation and Mindfulness

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Teaching children self-reflection skills is a great tool for them to have at their disposal. Here you can find an exercise to help young children build on this ability.

Writing, Music and Art Therapy

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