levels of giftedness

How gifted is my child?

Is my child mildly, moderately, highly, exceptionally or profoundly gifted, and what does this mean? Definitions of levels of giftedness vary, even between gifted professionals. But to gain a basic understanding of how different gifted children can be from each other in their abilities,  it is helpful to learn more about things such as developmental milestones and characteristics of giftedness. Dr. Deborah Ruf offers an informative explanation of these differences between gifted children:


This link will help you identify the level of your child’s giftedness and understand  what the potential needs of your child may be. Additionally, this article by Fiona Smith and Minh Nguyen-Hoan looks at the differences in ability levels of gifted children and what this may mean.

This article offers an check list of characteristics that may be found in highly – profoundly gifted children. And if your child has been identified as highly gifted this article, ‘Helping your Highly Gifted Child’  by Stephanie Tolan is definitely worth a read.Miraca Gross’ Small Poppies: Highly Gifted Children in the Early Years provides some extremely helpful information as it relates to young highly gifted children.  Highly – profoundly gifted children can have certain vulnerabilities and Wendy Roedell provides a wonderful article looking at this. If you have a highly gifted adolescent who is showing signs of depression this article helps explain the inner world of the highly gifted child or teenager which will help you understand how your child may be feeling. If your child is struggling socially, emotionally, or psychologically it is worth reading all you can about highly -profoundly gifted children and their vulnerabilities. In particular you may wish to read the articles in the social and emotional section of this website, including the pages on peer relationships, anxiety, and depression.

Learning that your child is not only gifted, but is highly – profoundly gifted, is often met by parents with a mixture of fear and pride! But, take heart, you’re not alone. Often what these children need, in addition to appropriate academic placement, is to be with like minds, to spend time with other children who ‘get them’, and they can be themselves around. Read all you can about the needs of these children; the Davidson Institute provides a wealth of information. And if you live locally to Perth and want to find friends for your child please do get in touch. Mermaids and Mermen play dates include many families who have highly – profoundly gifted children, so you are most definitely not alone :) .