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Gifted girls face unique challenges in life. Research relating to gifted girls has uncovered interesting, and sometimes unsettling, information. However, this reseach does offer some insight into why some gifted girls are successful in life, both academically, and socially and emotionally, whilst others fail to thrive and can be vulnerable to significant underachievement as well as psychological issues. Hopefully the information and resources provided on this page will help you feel able to empower your gifted girl(s) and help them on their journey – a journey where they are happy expressing their gifts and feel comfortable in their own skin.

The more gifted girls are aware of their own needs and emotions the more likely they will be able to develop a strong sense of personal identity and feel confident in attempting to accomplish their dreams. Here you will find a  Powerpoint on the Development of gifted girls which is worth a look. Also, Parenting Gifted Girls offers some helpful hints and strategies which may be of use to you and your family.

Sometimes gifted girls may not understand the emotional aspects which often accompany giftedness, icluding that of intensity and sensitivity.  Others may choose to hide the fact they are gifted in order to fit in at school or to gain acceptance in their social peer group. When this happens sometimes a sense of confusion about belonging and identity can ensue. The Me Behind the Mask examines when and why gifted children hide being gifted, and The Trouble with Bright Girls provides some insight into when being gifted can become problematic for some individuals. The Development of Gifted Women: Identity and Expression and  Effective counselling and information on the psychological adjustment of gifted girls are worth reading in order to gain a better understanding of the developmental profile of gifted girls, as well as how to provide a supportive and nurturing environment to enable them to grow.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that some gifted girls and women, including some of the most eminent individuals in society, suffer from imposter syndrome. They may live their lives believing that they are not really as bright or gifted as others may say they are, or may constantly question their own capabilities and achievements, waiting to be ‘found out’ or proven to be a fraud. Psychology Today provides some insights into imposter syndrome and giftedness. One of the best strategies to help avoid your gifted girl developing imposter syndrome is to foster a strong sense of social, emotional and academic resiliency. For more information on how to do this check out this page.

If girls feel empowered to embrace challenge and to follow their dreams they are more likely to be able to overcome any barriers, whether they are academic or social and emotional in nature, in order to grow up healthy and happy. The following websites provide more information on how to empower girls, including lists of great reading material, documentaries, and information on media literacy, body image and career aspirations:


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