gifted boys

So, you have a yourself a gifted boy, or maybe more than one! What have we learned about gifted boys? Well, of course every gifted boy is different with his own different and unique set of strengths and challenges. But here you’ll find links to a series of gifted resources that will hopefully help you find out information that may help the gifted boy in your life :) .

Like all children, gifted boys are found in all walks of life. Some gifted boys need specialist support and accommodations in order to meet their potential. Did you know that sometimes gifted boys can be overlooked in the classroom? If a teacher equates giftedness with verbal precocity then some boys who have strong visual spatial abilities can be failed to be noticed by their teacher. Some gifted boys feel the need to respond to society’s demands that they be masculine and therefore choose to hide their academic abilities for fear of being ridiculed, often turning their attention to sports if their ability allows them to do so. For more information on responding to the needs of gifted boys check out this online information leaflet.

Like all children, familial support is key in helping gifted boys develop a strong concept of self. Supporting and showing an interest in whatever their current passion is strongly correlates with a positive concept of self worth.  Supporting children is always a fine balancing act and excessive support or expectations relating to levels of achievement in any domain, however, have also been found to be damaging to the needs of gifted boys. For more information on how to support your gifted boy(s) have a look at this duketip article.

Here you can find an extensive pdf. relating to gifted boys and their thoughts as related to school experience. It’s long but accessible and focuses on a study of gifted boys and their answers to a survey about how they feel about school. Presented at a conference in New Zealand it also provides some anecdotes from the gifted boys themselves and is worth a look!

And what about exceptionally gifted boys? Whilst studies on exceptionally gifted are relatively rare this article offers an overview of a longitudinal study of 52 exceptionally gifted boys. It considers factors such as parents’ and grandparents’ educational attainment, parents’ and subjects’ birth-order, subjects’ and parents’ creative potential, and subjects’ cognitive giftedness. If you have an exceptionally gifted boy in your life then have a read and see if it may be of some help to you :) . Not sure about levels of giftedness? Then check out this page.

Want some ideas on how to motivate your gifted boy? This slideshare presentation may be of use. Not solely for gifted boys, but helpful for motivating all gifted learners :) .

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