Mermaids and Mermen is a free resource site for all things gifted, based in Perth, Western Australia. Mermaids began as a response to the need to facilitate a way for gifted children of all ages to meet up and find friends in a laid back play date type of environment. It was clear, especially at the beginning of their gifted journey, that many parents felt a little lost and out on a limb. Finding a community of people that have walked a similar path is the quickest way to educate yourself about giftedness and all that it entails.

This saw the beginning of an online support group for parents of gifted children and the arrangement of monthly get togethers and other events that were central to Perth. As time passed the group continued to flourish, and parents independently arranged their own coffee mornings and play dates with other mums and dads, with no need for this to be facilitated by Mermaids and Mermen. The simple aim of the group and website was to help parents find each other and make friends – to facilitate connection for both you and your children during what can often feel like a very lonely journey! These days, the website remains as a resource for parents and educators. However, if you are interested in gaining support for your family or finding friends for your kids then please do say ‘hi’ via the contact form.

Why Mermaids and Mermen? Check out the video below; it explains a lot about how it may feel to be a gifted child. It’s a pretty special clip, so if you have two minutes do check it out :) .

No matter where you’re from, hopefully you’ll find something that is of interest on the site. If you have any suggestions that you feel would be useful then please do pay it forward: whizz us a quick message and then it can be uploaded so it can help other parents. Happy reading!

Wishing you happy travels on your gifted journey!

Kate x


“Where do the mermaids stand?” was the question.

” Where do the mermaids stand?” came the reply.

“Yes. You see, I am a mermaid”.

“There are no such things as mermaids.”

“Oh, yes. For I am one.”

It is not true that mermaids do not exist. I know at least one personally. I have held her hand.

- Robert Fulgham