11 Things I Have Learned About Giftedness

Sooo, I thought it was time that this Mermaid got her blog on :) . There won’t be regular posts – the world is way too chaotic right now, but I figured that as gifted ‘stuff’ runs through my head for much of every day that I may as well get some of it down on paper! So welcome, come for a swim – and hopefully you’ll find something that resonates with you and your journey :) .

11 Things I have Learned About Giftedness:

1.) Much of the world knows absolutely nothing about giftedness, including many gifted folk. Gifted is wiring pure and simple – regardless of school results, learning difficulties, or behaviour.

2.) Untangling the knot that is a 2E child can be more painful than giving birth!

3.) You are your child’s best advocate. And if you live in an area where giftedness is not a part of teacher training, chances are you may also be the person in that IEP meeting  who has the most knowledge about gifted kids and their needs.

4.) I can home school my children without being arrested for physically abusing my kids, or suffering a complete nervous breakdown – just.

5.) A child’s behaviour may be symptomatic of the child’s learning environment and not necessarily a result of lax parenting or a disorder like adhd. However, tantrums by overindulged kids are not a result of overexcitabilities, and gifted kids can have a co-existing issue such as a learning disability,  disorder, or syndrome.

6.) Gifted and hormones equals a whole new rollercoaster ride. Just when you think you’ve got things sorted along comes puberty and your child displays a whole new underground basement of exciting  quirks and completely bizarre thought processes.. Oh, and this may be considerably earlier in gifted kids than their age peers. So, buckle up!

7.) You are the expert when it comes to your child. Not the school. Not the paed. Not the OT. Not the speechie. As much as it may feel like paying a professional will give you the answers you need for this journey – there is no quick fix. Sure, assessments and testing may help you get a picture of where your child is at but what really works is observing and listening to your child – and then reading. LOTS of reading. So, get googling or visit the library and soak gifted info up like a sponge – then ensure you act on what you learn!

8.) Feel like you’re all alone out there in that big old universe? Online communities are GOLD.  Try googling ‘gifted support group’ and your town and/or country. Connection is merely a click away!

9.) Like everyone else gifted people come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The more gifted people you connect with the more likelihood there is of finding someone who has the same values and belief system as your own family. Gifted kids need access to like minds in order to thrive.

10.) The grouping of kids in classes according to chronological age may be just enough to blow your, or your child’s, noodle – and more likely both, if appropriate differentiation isn’t provided.

11.) A padlock on the bathroom door if you would like to pee in peace can be a sanity saver! It provides two minutes free of questions from small people with very curious minds. Be warned: once said padlock is installed you may like your new ‘place’ a little too much!